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Game playing

Been feeling a little shut in lately. A few things in the last few years have reduced the amount I’m prodded to get out, so I have to prod myself. And I’m not particularly good at that.

Made myself go out dancing last night. I didn’t stay out long, nor did I feel socially comfortable enough to chat with anyone I didn’t know, but it was a start.

Earlier yesterday, I helped Kim move, and then stayed at her place for a while afterward and played a game with fellow movers while Kim unpacked. Kim’s roommate Ian picked up Killer Bunnies at a convention, and some folks had heard good things about it, so we played that. We were actually playing with a bunch of the expansion packs too though. The game ended up being boring, but the company was great.

Today I decided to go to Emily’s regular Sunday game event at Captain Black’s. Met a few nice people in addition to Cody and Emily who I already knew. We played one game of Burn Rate while we waited for everyone to arrive. I vaguely remember having played it before. I got some lucky cards at the beginning. It felt like I won because of luck rather than strategy.

Then we played Dominion. We had enough players to play two separate games, so we did. The web site says it’s supposed to take about 30 minutes. Our three person game took a couple of hours. Winning strategies weren’t apparent early on, so I kind of floundered for a bit. Still took second, though I was way behind the winner (71 to 34).

Really enjoyed myself. I need to do this more.

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