King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Two decades sober

I totally forgot about this yesterday. As I get older, I remember these things in the day before the anniversaries, but forget the day of. Same thing this year, even though it’s a big year.

Twenty years and two days ago, I called a suicide prevention line to get my drinking under control. Wasn’t suicidal, but didn’t want to wait for my nerve to fail in the morning to call around for help, and the only number my drunken self could think to look up in the phone book was the 24 hour suicide prevention line. Didn’t intend to quit. Just get it under control, so my grades would improve. (They didn’t.)

Nothing particularly important to say about it other than, hell that’s a long time to not drink.

photo of armband reading "Don't Drink and Dial"

Photo by djjewelz / used under CC By-Nd license

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