King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Attempting to switch to Google Chrome

Firefox has been my browser of choice for a number of years, and before that I used the Mozilla all in one browser. Before that, Netscape and Mosaic. I’ve stuck with this line for quite some time. Tried out Safari, tried out Opera. Tried out a few others too. Firefox was fast and extendable.

I’ve liked Chrome for a while, but the ad blocking extensions in it weren’t up to snuff compared to Firefox. But in the core browsing functions, it kicked ass. I’ve used it for many of my web apps (GMail, Calendar, Remember the Milk, etc.) for a while. Fast. Best support for standards. Those pesky ads though.

The reason the ad blocking wasn’t so good was that extensions didn’t have good access to other web pages. Chrome’s enabled that now that it can allow extensions to request permissions.

I’m going to attempt to make Chrome my default browser now. See if there’s anything about Firefox that makes me want to go back. So far, all I seem to miss is some functionality from the GMail Manager extension that lets me switch between Google accounts quickly.

ETA: I know I’m going to miss Firebug. But I use that only when I’m working on my site, and in a couple of small situations.

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