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Need moving help again - King Rat
Private Life
Need moving help again
On the off chance I haven't burned out my moving karma, and anyone has a weekday off, I could use some help moving my Dad next Friday. Times not really figured out yet. I'm not actually coordinating this move, my brother is. (Thank god, cause I've got a metric ton of crap to deal with already!)

The catch? His old place is in Lynden. The new place is in Everett. If you can only help on the Everett side, I can text/email when we leave Lynden, giving you a 2 hour notice.

Plusses: we should have everything staged in the garage for the move, so we'll need fewer people there than normal. And it's a house to house move, no apartments or elevators involved.

Bribes requests accepted (in addition to the standard food and drink).
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evillinn From: evillinn Date: March 31st, 2010 02:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
This is Friday the 9th? And do folks need to get themselves to Lynden?
Coincidentally, I have that Friday off and would be happy to help, but would need a ride.
gkr From: gkr Date: March 31st, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
I can take people up with me. I don't know timing yet. Am waiting for more information from the planner.
daystars From: daystars Date: March 31st, 2010 03:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
If there is work still to be done in Everett when I'm off work at 5, I can head over and help. Do you have any idea on a very rough timeline, or will that get figured out later?

Also, wish I could go up to Lynden, that's not a bad drive!

Edited at 2010-03-31 03:58 pm (UTC)
gkr From: gkr Date: March 31st, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
At some point in the future, I will know more about timeline.
daystars From: daystars Date: March 31st, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
No problem. I'll put it on my calendar anyway- just post/let me know when it gets closer.
martygreene From: martygreene Date: April 1st, 2010 02:52 am (UTC) (Link)
Keep in touch re: the Everett side of things. That's up here in my neck of the woods, and I might be free.
calimbrium From: calimbrium Date: April 1st, 2010 04:14 am (UTC) (Link)
i can help early-ish in the morning- i have to be back in seattle and at work at either 2 or 245pm.

can do lynden, tho may only be able to make one trip from there to everett before i'll have to go to fun work.
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