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One of my long term goals is to get married. I quote that because I am not hooked to the idea of a legal marriage or the ceremony itself. What I’d like to do is be in my old age and have been with the same person for decades. I look at my grandparents and think I want that.

I signed up earlier this week for a personals web site. I’ve had accounts on these things in the past, but I’ve used the free versions. Never with good results. I sprung for a paid version this time. That was a tough mental bump to get over. The mental logic is: I should be able to meet people on my own god given personality and ability. Paying for a personals site is giving up. It’s moral failure. That’s my instant reaction anyway.

The thing is: the dating pool in my social group is pretty small. If you don’t believe me, I have a diagram I can show you. I need to expand my possibilities. New groups of people. New activities. New sources.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I shouldn’t close off possibilities. So I sucked it up and pulled the debit card out of the wallet. Maybe it works. Maybe something else I do works.

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