King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Π Night

King Rat
March 1, 2009 2:27 am

Π Night


Who doesn’t like pie? Two weeks from now will be the seventh anniversary Pie Night! Come celebrate seven years of pie with… more pie!

Where? My place. 2301 Fairview Ave E Apt 107, Seattle.

When? Saturday, March 14th at 3 pm. Get it? 3-14? Hahahah… Anyway.

The schtick: I make pie. A lot of pie. Attendees are welcome to bring homemade pies, but this is not required. Anyone may attend so long as they like to eat pie. It officially starts at 3 p.m., but really folks are welcome to come by any time. Children are also welcome if you don’t mind them being exposed to whatever licentiousness may come (last time folks were comparing bras, for instance). What are not welcome are cakes, cookies, latkes, or other non-pie items. Those are fine things, but they belong on cake night, or cookie night.

I am expecting a fairly large turnout, so I am requesting that folks who plan to come please so indicate (along with the number of guests coming with them and if they plan to bring a pie). This way I know how much pie I need to make. I would not want to run out of pie prematurely. To let me know, just comment here, or add yourself to the Π Night Facebook event. For last minute directions if you get lost, call 206-501-5831.

I heart pie image by Flickr user cobalt, used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 2.0 license.


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