King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Official Inaugural Pie Night post

So on January 20, I will be host another Pie Night! It will be like every other pie night except that I will keep the inaugural festivities on the television so we can celebrate the end of the evil (Dick Cheney)!

Not familiar with Pie Night? I make pie. People eat pie. No cake allowed. You do not have to bring a pie. However, if you do, please do not bring a store-bought pie. We will laugh at you. (Buy the crust. Buy the filling. But at least do the cooking yourself...)

Date & time: January 20, from 3pm until 10 pm. (Sadly, actual swearing in is much earlier.)
Place: My condo (2301 Fairview Ave E Apt 107)

Please RSVP (comment here or on Facebook) if you are coming, along with number of guests you will bring. I want to make sure there's enough pie.

(Image is from Rachel and used under a Creative Commons license)
Tags: pie night

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