King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Plans for 2009

After mom died, I decided not to decide what to do with the rest of my life until January.

Well, it's January now. So I'm starting to think about it.

Some definite plans:

The Inaugural Pie Night will be January 20th. Yes, it's a school night. I will serve up pie and have the Obama inauguration on the tube. Bring yourself. Bring pie if you want. Watch the world become right again. Official RSVP post to come tomorrow or Saturday.

I will be doing two speaking gigs for the ALSA on switches and AAC. One on the 8th in Bellingham, and one on the 12th in Edmonds. These are basically one hour talks to ALS patients on using AAC and switches. Having helped mom out with this means the ALSA looks at me as a semi-expert. Sunday I'm going to put together the talk.

Some tentative plans:

I'm leaning toward traveling the entire month of February. I'm thinking London and a few cities in the eastern US. I will need to either board Guinevere or get a cat-sitter.

The rest of it, not sure yet.

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