King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

SF Books Meme

From 2006.

Only change to the list is that I read Childhood's End this year and couldn't believe how crappy it was. Absolute dreck.

Frankly, it's a bullshit list. But it really highlights something about SF and Fantasy. Of the books listed...

42 are by white men.
1 written by a black man.
7 by white women.

I may have miscounted or misattributed a couple.

A few points, all opinions of mine:

* a lot of what passes for "classic" SF/F is really pretty hard to read.

* there's a lot of really good current SF/F being written. better than the "classics."

* the genres have become more inclusive since the mid 80s.

* one of the reasons why newer stuff is better is that more people from outside the white man realm are writing genre fiction.

* also more genre authors are folks who actually have English degrees and took writing classes rather than being scientists and engineers who wrote on the side. Read Never Let Me Go or The Yiddish Policemen's Union for examples of really good writing with S.F. themes.

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