King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

purging boxes

Mom was a pack rat. Not to full blown hoarder stage, but definitely a pack rat. So was my grandmother.

I got some of that. I'm not much of a card person, but I keep every card I get. (Well, except the ones from my broker and insurance agent.) I have Christmas ornaments. I have photos. I had old magazines that I thought I would get to one day. Got rid of those last week. Lots of other stuff.

Which brings me to where I'm going. I got rid of the magazines. I'm getting rid of some of the unused computer equipment. I got rid of kitchen stuff. I'm even going to purge some books.

Let me repeat that. I'm going to purge some books.

Of course, that will happen after I go through everything else.

Current target, boxes. I keep the boxes my computers came in, in case I need to move or get them fixed. But in all my moves, I think I might have boxed up the electronics once. And I've lived in the same place (more or less) for almost eight yeas. All the accessories boxes are definitely gone. I might keep the XBox 360 box in case I decide to Craigslist the player (which is a possibility in the purge). I'm trying now to decide whether to break the tower boxes down and keep them, or purge them too.

My conscious is screaming you'll need them! keep them! but the rational part of me is saying seriously phil?

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