King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Lynden phone service; or my weekly trip to dad's

My plan through December was to drive to Lynden every Monday to a) deal with any estate stuff b) help dad get anything taken care of that he needs to do. This morning he called on his cell because his phone service was out. If you want an idea of why I will go up weekly, this is a great example. He can't do anything about his phone being out. He's functionally illiterate. He could read well enough to figure out a phone number. But if you've looked at a Verizon bill there's about 15 phone numbers on it. Which one to call? So I or Joe will need to call for him.

I called from here, but the phone company says the line is fine. Unfortunately, my cell dropped the call right before the point to schedule a service call. No instead of leisurely having coffee in Bellingham at the_black_drop for a few hours before completing the trip to Lynden, I will drive straight to Lynden and see what's going on. Maybe it's the phone. Maybe it's the line.

Dad will do just fine for the most part. It's just going to be anything dealing with paperwork will be difficult.

I'll still get my coffee in, it'll just be after dealing with the phone.

Well, and after I deal with my overdue bills. I kinda let things slide the last month with Mom's funeral and moving and the estate and all.

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