King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Semi-final inventory of my box of cables and electronics

After getting everything in to my apartment...
  • I now have eight computers in my office and one in my bedroom.
  • I have five spare USB cables with the little end.
  • I have three spare USB cables with the square end.
  • I have eight spare power cables.
  • I have four PS2 keyboard/mouse extension cables.
  • I have three monitor cables.
  • I have two spare keyboards.
  • I have two spare mice.
  • I have five USB to PS2 converters.
  • I have one wireless keyboard/mouse set. I have pieces of another wireless keyboard/mouse set, except the keyboard. I suspect it's somewhere around.
  • I have four ethernet patch cables.
  • I'm not sure how many headphones are in the little tangled mess. They've bred for sure though.
  • I have one blackberry, one Samsung PDA, and one Motorola cell phone. Some chargers.
  • I ahve a whole mess of phone cable. I didn't count. I just put them on the free shelf downstairs.
  • I have one 25M hard drive.
  • I have one joystick.
  • I have two wifi PC cards.
  • I have two laptop power cables that I don't know what they belong to. (Not one of the laptops I have for sure.)
  • I have a lot of speaker cables and wire.
  • I have a few other miscellaneous cables.

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