King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

One more load

Brought another load of stuff from Bellingham. A fair amount of it is crap that will just be given away or tossed. All that's left there now are books, my vacuum, an ironing board, my cat, and a lot of dust bunnies. Everything but the dust bunnies comes back Saturday.

I vowed that I would cook all meals from scratch when I moved to Ferndale. That was partially because I wanted to eat healthier (sodium sodium sodium). But also partially because the kitchen in the place was the nicest I've ever had. It just begged to be used. I held to that except at the end because life got a little overwhelming. Even then I didn't make anything from a box. Anyhoo, on the drive back from Bellingham I decided to do the same for Seattle. It's not absolute, but I don't want to make piddly excuses for not following through either. First up tomorrow is something from chicken, as I had two frozen chicken breasts that thawed somewhat on the drive back. Use em or lose em.

Got back a little bit earlier than I expected, so I went to Elliott Bay Books for the Ben Parzybok reading for his book Couch. I was leaning toward buying it anyway, but the reading convinced me to get it. It's on the top of my To Be Read list, right after the Madeleine L'Engle and Milan Kundera books I'm currently reading.

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