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Making space - King Rat
Private Life
Making space
This weekend has been all about making space. In addition to the Playboys, i got rid of about six feet worth of other magazines. All sorts of miscellaneous stuff has been tossed, including old manuals, electronic equipment (bye bye Qwest Actiontec modem), etc. I've also put a bunch of stuff on the free shelf in the basement. My discarded items are in demand. Other people put stuff there and it stays there for weeks before the manager tosses it. My stuff gets grabbed within a day usually. Course, it's stuff like a stoneware plate set missing a few pieces, an Office 2000 installation CD, a can of gunpowder (don't ask), etc. Stuff people can use!

Also, I'm finding many long lost things, and sometimes things I didn't know I had. Some saving bonds purchased in the 1970s for instance. The item I never expected to find though was my Mercury membership card!

I am going to attempt to unload my car tonight. It's been full of stuff since Thursday.
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