King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Level of discourse

In a conversation with Deirdre this afternoon, I told her I thought the quality of the discussion in American politics has gone way down, Obama notwithstanding. I rarely see anyone discussing the candidates' positions. Instead what I see posted is outtakes, bad jokes, twisting of words, and demonization. Of McCain and Palin.

The overall tone seems to be very much "We're going to win this time, so suck it. See how we've felt over the last 8 years as we had to endure being the minority. It's payback time!"

McCain supporters have certainly not been better behaved either. Even the ones who haven't been spouting off that he's a muslim or terrorist seem to constantly hype tangential connections to bad people.

I would kill to see posts of substance rather than childish crap.

I think it's unfortunate that Joe the Plumber isn't actually licensed to be a plumber, and that he's not really going to be buying his business, and that he owes taxes. He asked a really good question though. He didn't ask a flag lapel question. He asked a specific question about taxes. Good on him.

I really liked lori_dyann's post comparing positions of Rossi and Gregoire, on the issues she finds important. Issues.

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