King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Weight loss

Down another three pounds in the last two weeks. This puts me at 181 on the gym scale. I was using my home scale this spring. It is around 6 pounds off.

I'd say that two thirds of my weight loss has been due to diet changes and maybe a third due to cardio workouts. Still eating the fast food a couple times a week, however. Big thing on diet has been cooking from scratch rather than pre-made stuff in a box and no junk foods in the house. Ask Kim. When she and Erin last visited they bought some cookies. When they left, I tried to make them take the cookies. So I walked them straight to the trash can before taking Kim and Erin to the train station.

Even though I think most of the improvement is due to diet, I've seen pretty significant improvement in my conditioning. When last I went out, I could dance for 30 to 45 minutes without getting winded, which is a huge improvement over last year when I could handle only a single song before I was off the dance floor.

I'm thinking of buying a set of hand weights, yoga mat, yoga ball, and maybe even one of those step things so I can get in some short workouts at home in addition to the five times a week I'm at the gym. I haven't seen much improvement in strength.

I can't really do cardio at home. Running is not good on my knees or feet, and I don't have a TV up here to follow along some aerobics video. Which I wouldn't do anyway. Feel dumb doing that by myself. I like the elliptical and stair machines at the gym for cardio. Low impact on my legs. But if I do get all that stuff I can do a fair amount of weight workouts at home, and for some reason doing that by myself doesn't bother me. Or at least I think it won't. I haven't done it yet.
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