King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Work, Bad & Good

First the bad. I am working on a project that is looking more and more like a death march. Basically three months to finish it and the specs aren't even finished yet. Plus I am sidetracked with a totally unrelated feature that got thrown into my group for want of a better place to put it. Add in two and a half (I have a person on loan from another group for the duration of the project) new employees to train and bring up to speed on the code base. Mix in the fact that I am a new lead at the company, so I have a bunch of new things to learn myself. I am a pretty good lead, but it's been a while and my previous experience with this was under a very different environment with a lot smaller project twice as many people making a lot less money. So there was a lot less pressure to make it work there. Add all this together and I have a lot of stress.

I need to get a whole bunch of administrative things taken care of, and clear up a lot of issues with other teams and groups, and get my head into leading the team and writing some code. Actually designing and writing code helps keep me focused and moving forward. I am not so good as working through distractions when there is no work product.

Now the good. I am out of the broom closet I shared with an intern and a DB dev for the last six plus months. I shared an office when I started. Then they moved me to the broom closet, but didn't move in my office mate. So I had it to myself for three or four months. Then they moved in the intern, but he and I worked out well. And would have continued to do so as he worked limited hours. Would have worked out well cause I could still have held private meetings during the mornings. The DB dev prevented that, as he was there all the time.

So today I moved into my new window office. It's not as private because the walls are partitions and so sound carries. Not quite a cubicle though because they are tall enough to prevent passersby from peering in, and it has a full size door. The rest of my team moves to adjacent offices next week. Which will make working together a lot easier; we are currently scattered all over the place. We will likely move again in January to the space in the building across the street (when they finally have it ready) and then I probably will go back to having an interior office. But for three months, I will be in a better environment.


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