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I have two pounds to lose in two weeks. I think I'm pretty close.

I won't be in Seattle next week. No mentoring. I will be tomorrow. And Friday. Applications for Phil time on Friday may be submitted in comments.

Two weeks from tomorrow is the last mentoring day for the school year. After that I will be driving to Seattle even less. I'll come to any cool kid parties to which I get invited, but otherwise will be staying here more to help mom and to save gas money.

Mom can't raise her left arm above her head anymore, and she is swiftly losing strength in her hand. I'm guessing she has about a month left of the ability to type. Could be more. Could be less. I'm looking at switches tomorrow. She'll have to use a switch/scan system, which is going to suck.

Talked to an ambulance/cabulance company today about having someone drive mom to Seattle on the 8th rather than us. She gets uncomfortable in the car fairly quickly. He suggested that it would be jut as comfortable if we rented a top of the line Cadillac with extra soft suspension and 10 point seat adjustment. Mom seemed to like that idea.

I will also start calling around to hire in-home help. Dad finally agreed. Mom can't even go to the bathroom by herself, since she can't pull down her pants or pull them back up. And soon enough won't be able to operate her suction machine or turn pages in a book. He'll be overwhelmed by all the stuff he has to do. So getting someone else to help out is good. I'll be there to do some of it, but I have a hard enough time seeing my mom deteriorate as it is.
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