King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Boise Challenge (random musings on my Sunday)

Nothing deep in this entry. I don't think I've written anything particularly deep in a while. I might lose readers! Oh no!

I challenge you to drive to Boise, Idaho and get back to Seattle 11 hours after you left.

Today is day 0 of being without car. As in totally without car. It's been since 1995 that I've been without one. I probably will get another car, but I don't know when. Might go for a while to see if I can do without.

I will need a vehicle for getting groceries, or take a cab, or only get a little bit at a time. This might be worth getting FlexCar.

Getting out on weekends won't be difficult. Most of the time Jason drives anyway. When he doesn't it's not a long walk up the hill to get the #7 at Roanoke. Or $6.50 for a cab. Or if some reason I am actually doing something downtown instead of on the hill, there are lots of free busses for me to take. Getting to parties might be more difficult, but I spose I can weasel my way into rides if I need to. I don't go to too many parties anyway.

Dates might be more difficult though, specially if the woman lives off the hill. Maybe I'll have to get Deirdre to drive and chaperon. Keep me from doing anything untoward.

Anyway, I saw Janet in Boise. Haven't seen her since 1998. She was dating Mike at the time. He was a Loser. Later she dated randydid. Their split was not exactly pretty but they are good friends now. Anyway, she is the person who I gave my car to. I also got a chance to briefly see Randy, who I haven't seen since last fall. He planned to come up here then to hang out and see the Mariners play, but managed to pick days when their playoff series was away. Anyway, he picked me up from Janet's and took me to the airport, where I had the pleasure to fly Southwest back to Seattle.

When I drove down, I wore the coat I normally do. Unfortunately, it had my $60 Leatherman pocket knife in the pocket. Which meant that I had to put it in my bag and check the bag instead of carry on. One thing to note about Southwest about their boarding process: for most airlines, getting the "additional security screening" is a hassle; on Southwest it means you go to the head of the line for boarding. This is important because Southwest flights are first come, first served for seating. No assigned seats. Anyway, I got security screened. Only the second time that's happened. Oddly enough the first time was last weekend. That time it was because they had the metal detectors set to ultra sensitive at PUW, so I set it off when I walked through. So I had to show em my shoes and and everything. Small airport though, so afterward I pretty much just sat in the next row of seats. It doesn't actually delay you there. This time, I'm flying Southwest so it's a good thing. We fly Continental to New Orleans, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't been put into a database to be security screened all the time now. That would suck.

I should go through my clothing and make sure I have everything ready. I think a couple of things I want to bring need to be washed. Technically, I am not supposed to do laundry after 10, but I might anyway. I'm so anti-authority.

Semi-random musings ending.

Oh, except for I should not that I did unscrew my cable Friday when I got home. It's still off. 2 full days without TV. WOo hoo! I'm a regular neo-Luddite now, without a car or cable.


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