King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Birds of Prey by J.A. Jance

Birds of Prey coverSo this time it's back to the mass-market mystery thrillers. Although this isn't a mystery, it's a "novel of suspense." J.A. Jance goes back to the J.P. Beaumont series with Birds of Prey, a tale set on an Alaskan cruise. Only two notes I have about the book. First, Jance is definitely getting to be a better writer. Her first books, while fun, created characters as two dimensional beings. Her latest few make them into real people. Second, I am glad that all the coincidences in the novel were mostly that, coincidences. About the only problem with the book was that the bad guy is the only character in the book who doesn't seem to have anything to do with the murder on the ship. Because of this he sticks out like a sore thumb and I had a pretty inkling who it was well before the climax of the story. It was well-written enough though that I wasn't 100% certain and I half-expected a swerve at the end.

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