King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Today in Phil

* Woke up. Surfed the internets. Read the latest comments about my head being up my ass. Enjoyed the traffic.
* Coffee at The Black Drop. I just figured out that they have some sort of option to put money on account there. I am there a lot, so signing up for that would probably be a good idea.
* Shopped at the co-op, but they did not have black-eyed peas except bulk dried, and their selection of canned tomatoes was sad. If I had the time, would've been fine. Got my ingredients at Haggen's instead. The grocery shopping here sucks.
* Talked with my mom about hospice. The new deck with wheelchair ramp is shaping up too.
* Got home. Had to wait to start my Hoppin John cause my ham was frozen.
* Jason called. Said he was coming over. "You do realize I'm in Ferndale?" "Yup." "Okay, see you in a few then."
* Fed Jason Hoppin John. Turned out quite tasty.
* Visited with my mom cause Jason wanted to see her. His LA hooker story really didn't go over well though.

Bored. Don't wanna read. No one on IM to talk to. Ferndale is dead on Wednesdays. Whine.

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