King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Get out of the mudhole

Since I complained about Obama supporters trashing Clinton over bullshit, it's only fair for me to also link to a prominent Clinton supporter throwing bullshit at Obama.

Joseph Wilson endorses Clinton

Wilson is the husband of Valerie Plame. He's the guy who went to Niger to check out a story about Iraq pursuing nuclear material. The story was based on forged evidence, and Wilson reported that back, and also wrote some op-eds on the subject as well. And the Bush administration retaliated by outing Plame. That last part being fairly sordid. However, little covered by liberal web sites was the fact that Wilson's op-eds constructed a straw man and knocked that down, rather than what the Bush administration had actually been claiming. A little slimy if you ask me. (To be fair, the straw man that Wilson ripped was what the Bush administration hoped everyone would infer, despite them actually saying something else.) Anyway, the whole point of this being that Wilson has a history of seeing things not written in black and white. Which is exactly what he's doing in his trashing of Obama.

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