King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I'm watching too much television again. For years, from 1994 through August 2000, I did not have cable. So pretty much no television. I used my to view rented movies. In 2000, I started dating April, who ragged on me that she could not watch TV when she was at my place. So I broke down and got a digital cable package from AT&T. That turned out to be a fiasco, as when television is available, I watch it.

When I moved last year to Eastlake, I did not get a cable package. Unfortunately, this doesn't help, because the building has a cable deal. I just plug in my fernseher, and I can watch.

I am watching too much again. I unplugged the cable for a while, but I was bored earlier this spring one day, and reversed course. I am going to unplug the cable when I get home. I will unscrew it from the wall and from the TV and box the cable with my mega-box o' miscellaneous wires.

I still like Smallville, That 70's Show, Enterprise, and West Wing. If anyone else watches these shows semi-regularly, let me know and I will invite myself over to keep you company. Or show them at my place if you promise to make me unscrew the cable when you leave.


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