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I got extremely anti-social last night. Didn't go out. Didn't go to a couple of functions I should have. Just couldn't shake the sense of otherness.

Today though is the first step in moving. I'll be doing my move in one of the most inefficient ways possible: in pieces. The big reason for that is that I will not be in Ferndale full time, so I'm not moving most of my furniture. I'll be taking up my desk, my kitchen table, chairs, and some miscellaneous stuff today.

After unloading stuff, my intent is to head over to Ye Olde Cheap But New Bed Store and pick up a bed for the new place.

Tonight I will be staying in Seattle. Tomorrow I will drive up with my clothes, kitchen-ware, and Guinevere. I will be staying in Ferndale tomorrow. During the week I shall find even more furniture for the place: dresser, sofa, end tables, stereo.

I won't have a computer there until next week. This week I will be mostly offline. I plan to charge up my Blackberry. It will be my primary internet access for the week. The following week I'll bring the computer up and get the internets working. Then, every week I shall bring a few more items to Ferndale.

This will also serve as spring cleaning. I need to get rid of stuff. While I am keeping my place here, it's mostly going to serve as a crash pad and not as a living space. So I don't need some of the things I have here, and some of them are kind of beat up. The nicer stuff will definitely stay. The most comfortable bed in the world will stay.

Jason is helping me today. Erin has offered to help tomorrow. Several other folks have offered as well, but I won't take you up on it. Since it's not a wholesale move I don't need people. There will be other opportunities later for y'all to keep tabs on me.

I feel like there's something else I need to say/write. Or that I'm forgetting something important in the move. Damned if I know what it is right now.

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