King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Heroes volume two finale

Spinach? Not bad.

Two heroes fall? I really hope this means we've seen the last of Niki. Kinda pissed that we lose Nathan too. I've always liked him better than Peter.

What is it with West, where he is such a flip-flopper?

Why didn't Peter just walk through the wall? He was close enough to D.L. to get his power.

They still haven't revealed whether the company is truly bad any more. I like that. I also like that it appears H.R.G. is back to his malevolent ways. He's still the best character around. Not that his deal really makes a lot of sense.

I was hoping they would explain why Linderman kept Adam locked up when he was running the company and their interests meshed.

For such a vast company, they don't have very many operatives.

And in volume three, they really need to reveal the powers of Mama Petrelli and the other original folks.

Maybe more if I can think of it later.
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