King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Dual living

I have signed a lease for a place in Ferndale. It's a 2 bedroom townhouse, northwest of Bellingham by about 15 minutes. It's about 20 minutes from my mom's place. I can take possession on the 8th. I will be the first person to live there. The door didn't even have a handle when we went by to look at it today, and there is some painting and trim work still to do.

Current plan is to move my clothing, my cookware, computer stuff, and my books there. For furniture, I will be bringing my desk and perhaps one or two other items. All the big stuff will stay here. I'll furnish the place from second hand stores in that area.

I will be dual living until the end of the school year. Five or six nights in Ferndale, and one or two in Seattle. I will generally be in Seattle Thursday nights and maybe Fridays.

There will be one more big Pie Night in Seattle in January (the 12th). After that there will be no more Pie Nights for some time, at least in Seattle and organized by me. I'll start them up again when I move back full time.

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