King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Heroes 6

Even 1 minute of Nikki is too much.

Doesn't anyone in the company think to question how Suresh has Molly in the first place? The fact that he brought her there means he knows that the company tried to engineer Armageddon about 4 months ago. They don't have the confrontation over good vs. evil methods until this episode?

Making an enemy of the former most popular girl in the school? Not smart. She's gonna be pulling some revenge shortly.

Next time Alejandro won't save Sylar? Puhlease. We all know Alejandro will always enable his sister, ride to the rescue, whatever. He hasn't been able to assert himself yet. Why would he in the future? Introducing, Peter 2.0. Also, I'm betting he understood Sylar.

So last season they teased that Sylar was the dread monster who the company, though using bad tactics, was trying to eliminate. But really, it was all the company being bad. This season they are teasing that Adam is the monster?

HRG again shows he's the best character in the series. Hiro is the second best.

I was getting a bit tired of the excitable, naive and completely altruistic Hiro. This change is good.

More thoughts later...
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