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Finally got to watch last week's episode of Heroes. Just in time for this week's episode. Was watching it on Tuesday when my Internets was shut off. But I'm all good now.

The episode was definitely an improvement over the previous couple of episodes.


* I'm glad Matt Parkman's dad didn't turn out to be Bob and that Bob didn't turn out to be the nightmare man like the spoilers reported on the Heroes wiki had indicated. Bob may be a bad guy, but he didn't have the right personality (or the right power either) for that kind of malevolence. He's got a different kind.

* I like that Parkman now has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and has gotten a bit more selfish. I don't like him much, but it adds a bit of motivational diversity to the good guy side that hasn't been present before.

* I'm waiting for Sylar to kill one of the twins and take their power in his return to glory. I don't like the duo at all. I'd kind of like it to be the guy, since his power doesn't seem to have offensive capabilities, and that will force Sylar to team up with Maya. But it will also give him leverage over Maya too.

* Thank god there wasn't any of wishy-washy never-learned-anything Peter this episode. Though that means he'll be back tonight for sure. Also, thank god for no Niki.

* I liked Nathan Petrelli last season, even though he tended to pull some bonehead moves that wouldn't really help him. I like him even better this season. The beard sucked, but the longer, less coiffed hair is a definite plus to his look.

* Monica has some possibility, but I prefer how some of the other characters take to their powers better. The whole befuddled how-did-I-do-that? thing is boring.

* You know how in slasher flicks the couple who has sex are the ones to get knocked off first? I'm waiting to see how this principle applies to Claire and her boyfriend. You know bad stuff is going to come of this. This is telegraphed even more than him catching her.


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From: gargoylettelc Date: October 23rd, 2007 03:39 am (UTC) (Link)
I am hoping for more shirtless Peter Petrelli!---because I am a pig.
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