King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Intestines have muscles

I had my follow-up visit with my doctor today. A limited set of thoughts regarding this.

All the blood tests showed normal levels of everything they tested for. No h. pylori bacteria, so probably no ulcer. Blood pressure is good. Amylase levels okay. No gall stones or kidney stones in the ultra-sound. So the doctor suggested that I fill a prescription for an anti-spasm medication and if it happens again, take the medication. Apparently the intestines have a muscle wall around them. I didn't know this. I kind of assumed that food moved through your system because you stuff more food into yourself and it pushed the older more digested food further down the digestive system. Apparently the digestive system can move stuff along itself. Anyway, his theory is something is triggering occasional muscle spasms in that muscle, which ends up feeling like extremely painful cramping to me. If the medication helps, then his theory is vindicated.

Then he asked me if I knew anything about networking and could I tell him why he couldn't make his two computers talk to each other over the network in the house he just bought. I do know some, but as I told him, diagnosing networking problems without seeing the network is a lot like trying to diagnose a person's illness over the phone. I was able to tell him that it probably isn't hardware, given the description he gave me. But what was running through my mind is... WHY DOES EVERYONE ASSUME THIS ADVICE CAN BE GOTTEN FOR FREE? He wouldn't give free medical advice to a waiter that had just served him his dinner. But as soon as somoene hears you know computers.... boom!... they hit you up to explain something or fix something.


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