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King Rat


I'm a little irritated. So I've been itching all over since last Wednesday or so. Though it might be fleas. Cat isn't scratching though. Thought it might be scabies. On Monday, scheduled an appointment for Tuesday. Monday afternoon I start having problems swallowing. That's gone on Tuesday, as is most itching. I see the doctor. He thinks probably scabies and gives me a prescription. I apply the cream on Tuesday night. Now, it can take a few days to be effective.

But, I'm looking up the symptoms right now and difficulty swallowing is a classic symptom of anaphylactic shock caused by hives. I told him about the difficulty breathing. Didn't know if these were connected, but I brought it up just in case.

Anyway, I'm suspecting the soap I bought last week. I switched again this morning to a different soap. Fuck if I can remember the soap I was using before. It was green though. This soap is supposed to be hypoallergenic though. Still have hives tonight though. Using the Benadryl cream and the stuff I'm reading online about hives says to take the pill form of Benadryl. I don't got any of that in the house but I'm gonna pick some up tomorrow. I'll try this soap for a couple more days and if that doesn't help, then I'll switch again. I'm trying to think of anything else I changed last week that could provoke an allergic reaction. Not detergent. Though I did open a new thing of that, it is the same brand as before, and I changed it on Friday, well after the hives started.

Anyway, I'm really irritated that the doctor didn't mention hives to me. It's not like this is an esoteric part of medicine.
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