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I got up early yesterday to drive up to Bellingham for the A.L.S. walk. Erin rode up with me, and we picked up my grandparents as well. I know I write about my mom a bunch, but I should mention my grandparents more too. My grandfather is my hero. He's pretty much the coolest guy I know. He was a firefighter for Seattle for years.

Anyway, when we got to to walk site, I pulled in to the lot, coincidentally right next to where Erik, Amanda, and Jason had locked themselves out of their car. My mom was trying to herd cats at the starting line. She's never been very good at it, and being unable to speak frustrated her. But she did have red visors (my head was too big for it though) and I Support Dorinda stickers for everyone.

She was selected to cut the ribbon. I was trying to take photos of the start, but my mom and the people with her walked off like it was a race. It may seem like an easy job, but y'all should give some props to the sports photographers out there. My shots at the start sucked.

I walked with Gramps. He's got a bad ticker, and not a lot of strength. We trailed most folks, and had to turn around well before the end. I got some decent photos while sitting at the spot we turned around at. On the way back, there was a fire truck parked for a local boat race. Some sort of medical assistance call. He went over to see if he knew any of the men, and I headed all the way back.

I took a few photos of my mom dancing in celebration. I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but one of my favorite experiences was living in Boise when my parents came to visit. I took them to a German association Octoberfest, and they danced to the polka. They were way better than anyone else dancing, and that included some people who looked like they competed. My mom's team won the top spot for most donations collected, and my mom should have one for most collected by an individual, but we think they messed up.

Afterward, we all headed to my mom's place in Lynden for obligatory food! Joe did most of the food planning. Ask him his secret meatball recipe sometime. Also, his grill is very important to him. As soon as the last food is off the grill, he's cleaning it. Then he eats.

Then we messed around with the cornfield for a bit.

I got home and nearly went to bed then. But Jason got me to go drag Keenan to the hospital. By the time that was over, I really was tired, so I went to bed.

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