King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Night of Socializing Issue #1: Bad pool players

There are two situations in which I play bad pool players. One is when I go with several friends to a pool hall. My friends may not be particularly good. The point of the evening is to have fun and to socialize around a pool table. That's not so bad.

The second one is when I am playing in a league, or on a challenge table, or tournament or something. THis is when by some fluke a crappy player manages to drop a few balls. Tonight the Mercury was host to several players (Graves, you may know them) who were not regulars, Max and James. Max and James were not good players. At all.

THe thing about bad pool players is that the games take longer. This is not a bad thing when you are socializing. It is when you are waiting to get on a challenge table like the Merc's table is. It took over two hours for 5 games to get played, because the players sucked.

I was almost hoping that I could be the one to beat him, although Lee took care of it for us. But I wouldn't have been nice. I was getting to the point where I would have just savaged them verbally and in the game. Just to piss them off so they wouldn't put their names down for another round.

It was during the wait that I got irritated with the world and had to step out for a few minutes. Occasionally I get a wave of hate coming over me and I do not like ANYONE in the club. Most of the time that is a cue for me to go home. Tonight I knew it was temporary so I stepped out for some fresh air. Chatted with Manda (gothbitch) for a bit, watched mskoi lick her, and then went back inside when a gentleman stepped out and started hitting on her. While I was not in love with the world, my desire for destruction had waned.


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