King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


Things I have to take care of (not all have to be done today)

  • Make hair appointment
  • Actually make contact with contractor
  • Paintball call
  • Reschedule appointment
  • Break down projects in schedule
  • digital camera
  • Halloween costume
  • Boots
  • Utilikilt
  • Drycleaning

Schedule for the next .... time. Probably missing stuff at the moment. Some coordinating for each.

  • Tonight: Get hair cut
  • Saturday: Bookfest as tourist
  • Saturday: Bookfest as ACLU volunteer 4 to 6
  • Sunday: Bookfest as tourist
  • Sunday: fly to pullman
  • Monday: recruit at WSU
  • Tuesday: fly back
  • Tuesday: doctor's appointment at 12:15
  • Sunday (27th): drive to Boise
  • Monday (28th): fly back
  • Tuesday (29th) to Mon (Nov 4th): New Orleans
  • Saturday (Nov 9th): Paintball
  • Saturday (Nov 9th): RTW
  • Friday (Nov 15th) and Saturday (Nov 16th): Do nothing ?

Oh yeah, and must have time to spend with the CoolKids® this weekend as well.

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