King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Comparison of cataloging sites

I have been on a quest to catalog my books for ages. I had almost everything in a piece of software called Book Collector, which was decent. But that computer crashed and I lost it. I like the idea of everything being online so I can access if from anywhere. My current solution has been to set up MediaWiki on a private URL and use it's free form entry and category system to get everything in. But the drawback is it can't import information from Amazon or other sites.

There are a number of web based project though that do this. I am thinking of trying them all out and doing a comparison piece on them.

I currently have on my list:

Any other sites I am missing?

Also, for my bibliophiliac friends, what are the things you want to do with a book catalog? (I want to make sure I am covering features other people use or want, but which I don't care about.)

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