King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


I spent the early afternoon with Jessica today. Two thoughts running through my head.

First, Jessica likes me. She may be an incurable flirt and casual dater, but at least she likes me. Since Sunday, she's called me out of the blue 3 times (although once I wasn't home). She makes friends pretty easily, but she's still made a point to call me. She hasn't flirted with me in anywhere near the same way she does with other guys though.

Second, Jessica all but told me to ask her out. We had lunch at a taco bar on Queen Anne that was really really good. Not that mushy crap that most "Mexican" places in Seattle sell. As I left to go to work (oh yeah, I kind of played hooky) at about 2:30, I mentioned that I will have to go to that place again, as it was really good Mexican food. Her response was "And when you do, you should call me, unless you are on a date." My response, "Well, I don't go on many actual 'dates.'" Her retort, while giving me a look was "perhaps you should ask a girl out then." Doh! I should have already asked her out. And I should have asked her out right then. But I choked. Side note to those who say I am not shy.... fooey... this proves otherwise. In my defense, I know she's booked tonight and tomorrow night, as am I for the following weekend. But not coming up with something for another day in a quick pinch like that still constitutes a choke.

So here's the current plan. After I get off work (yep, back there now) around 8 or 9, give her a call and try to time it for around the time she gets off at 10, and see if I can talk her into something for Sunday or for Wednesday Thurs or Fri next week. I have around 6 or 7 hours to think of something good.

I set the security level to something broader than I normally would for this kind of post. It's not exactly confidential, but I just don't like my dating life to be a voyeur sport. In any case, the reason for broadening this to all friends is, send me some ideas. My current idea is to ask her to a picnic kind of thing in the mountains for Sunday. But she works in the morning, so she might not be up for that.


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