King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Ocean shores day 4

The weather continues to be mostly dry and cloudy. Last night I was
nailed by a good allergy attack, but the loratadine seems to be
working. Joe wants to rent scooters but the idea of riding scooters
up and down a flat beach on a scooter doesn't appeal to me. I do want
to explore the nearby state park and recreation area. Yesterday I
drove my mom and Erin to the beach for them to fly kites. I did as
well for a bit but there was little breeze so I sat back and watched.
Got a few pictures of Erin being cute blowing bubbles. She looks
particularly fetching today.

I've started on "the coroner's lunch". I'm really liking it. Gonna
try to finish it and get a good ways into "the vengeful virgin" today.
After that it'll be only the thick slow books.

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