King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Skipping work

Tomorrow after work I will be heading up to Lynden to help my mom figure out insurance. This means I cannot work my scheduled shift on Wednesday. As anyone who has worked retail knows, last minute changes to availability are a no-no in retail-land. It's okay for employers to change your shifts on you anytime up to an including when you are there. But they frown highly on employees changing availability.

Hence, lots of retail folk post requests to trade shifts on break room bulletin boards.

My view on this is that I am not paid enough to manage the scheduling there.

I told my boss today that I won't be coming in Wednesday and why. He didn't give me flak about not giving enough notice. He didn't ask me to find someone to cover my shift. He didn't threaten my job.

He simply crossed through the 7 - 3:30 notation and wrote instead off.

Now, granted I'm not skipping because I want to go party Wednesday.

Also, starting next week I'll just be working Tuesdays through Thursdays. This will last until the beginning of June, after which I'll only be on on-call status. Basically, if the workload gets heavy, they may call me to see if I can come in the next day to pick up some of the overload. Which I won't expect will happen too often, but it will allow me to keep my employee discount.


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