King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Bored. Extremely bored.

  • name four bad habits you have:
    1. Procrastination
    2. Failing to act due to fear
    3. Arguing
    4. Laziness
  • name four things that you wish you had:
    1. a girlfriend
    2. a house-cleaner
    3. a yard
    4. a dog
  • name four scents you love:
    1. wood smoke
    2. a really fresh cigarette
    3. coffee
    4. rain
  • name four people that know you the best:
    1. mrsloane
    2. Nelson Abbey
    3. Sara Gregory
    4. Deirdre
  • name four things you'd never wear:
    1. Flip-flops
    2. butt floss
    3. tightie whities
    4. a Def Leppard Union Jack shirt
  • name four things you are thinking about now:
    1. a girl
    2. kicking mrsloane's butt at Fuzion Frenzy
    3. showering
    4. when I should hold my next pie night
  • name four things that you have done today:
    1. Loser's Lunch with evillinn and mrsloane
    2. Kicked mrsloane's butt at Fuzion Frenzy
    3. Ordered & ate pizza
    4. Fed the cat
  • name the last four things you have bought:
    1. Pizza
    2. Breakfast
    3. The Fading Collection EP at Chrilexia's wedding reception
    4. Gasoline
  • name four people you would like to spend more time with:
    1. Deborah
    2. Jason
    3. Deirdre
    4. my siblings
  • name four bands/groups most people don't know you like:
    1. The Beautiful South
    2. The Hooters
    3. Queen
    4. Laura Love
  • name four drinks you regularly drink:
    1. Ginger brew
    2. Cranberry juice
    3. Sprite/7-Up at clubs
    4. Lemonade

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