King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pie Night Revealed!

What is this? If you don't already know, figure it out. It's either eating a lot of pie, or one of those protests where we all go pie some minor politician like that'll do some good.

Where is it? My place. 2301 Fairview Ave E (Ring WEISS on the call board)

When is it? Saturday, April 28th. Starting after noon, and going until the pie is gone or everyone leaves or I just start kicking out the people I don't like. Show up whenever, leave whenever.

Who is it? Pie Night is not a who. Why are you asking such a stupid question?

The rules: There shall be pie only. There shall be no cake. There shall be no store-purchased pie. If you combine the two big nos and bring a store purchased cake, we will get a rope. I am the final arbiter of what is considered pie. Cookies and cheesecake are not pie. It is not required to bring a pie. I have pie. Friends welcome. Children welcome, provided you don't mind them hearing about who in the room is getting some, why it's great to make potato guns, and other random things that some parents don't want their children to learn. Though not required, please let me know if you are coming and a count, so I can guesstimate the number of pies to make.
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