King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Separation of church and state

A city in Utah is hoisted on its own petard after putting up a Ten Commandments monument in a city park. With the way current law is, they realized this wouldn't pass constitutional muster, so the city sold a small bit of the park, with the monument in it, to a church to own and maintain. The rest of the park remained city-owned.

Enter the Church of Summum, which wanted it's own monument to it's religion. City denied it. Federal court ruled partially against the city, giving the Church of Summum a token amount for the denial, but also denying the injunction to create the monument or give them a plot of land.

The cool part is, the 10th Circuit overturned that decision. The 10th Circuit is generally more conservative than the 9th, for instance. And they basically told the district court to give it another look, because the excuses for not putting the Church of Summum on an equal ground with Christian churches didn't hold water.

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