King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

My dilemma

On Rat's Reading, I have catalog information about each book. For publisher, I've generally put both the imprint and the publisher, since imprints these days pretty much mean nothing. They are just a name. But in these days of conglomerates, the publishers are owned by other companies that own multiple publishers. So both Pearson Education, which publishes the Addison Wesley and Prentice Hall (formerly independent) imprints, is actually owned by Pearson. Which also owns Penguin Putnam and their whole line of imprints. Many of which used to be their own publishers as well and are little more than names now.

So for the publisher do I put Pearson or Pearson Education? Or Penguin Putnam, or Pearson?

Life is full of difficult decisions.

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