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I believe I was attending a wedding. I saw the top of alexiarnps and I could hear the occasional word or two from the Monsignor. Since it was supposed to be a wedding, I am assuming that indeed, that is what happened. It was quite the gothy spectacle. Ceremony at dusk. Candles forming the aisle in the grass at Volunteer Park. Harpist playing ethereal music. Bridesmaids all in black with black parasols. The lights and camera lessened the goth effect, but the Discovery Channel probably wouldn't have had any usable footage without them. Don't think I made it into any shots, but that's perfectly fine with me.

The reception afterward was probably the best reception I've been to yet. evillinn made wonderful hor d'oeuvres. I ate 6 of the deviled eggs, 5 tarts, one bat-shaped sandwich, 5 stuffed mushrooms (although I didn't really like the ones with the darker filling). DJing was excellent, done by one of the door-guys from the Vogue. Stayed long enough to listen to The Fading Collection, a gothy band with a nice bass-induced groove to it's music. I bought their EP. They seemed much more polished than they really should have, given that they don't even have a full album out yet.

Took off at midnight, when I realized I was pretty tired and that Deborah probably wasn't going to make it. She had to work a horse show in Tacoma and had been pretty iffy on actually making it.

Also should mention I finally met betanoir, spaceling, and darkphoenixrisn.


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