King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat


Yeah, not going.

Right now, you can find out who is on a panel from the web site. In general. Not which panel. Just if someone is on a panel. And you can find out the titles of the panels and activities, and when and where they are. Have to guess as to what the panel is from the title.

Also, don't fancy attending a non-stop evening drunk-a-thon.

Also, hate the subjects of many panels. Interested in literary science fiction and fantasy. Don't give a rip about movies. Don't care about renaissance faire or S.C.A. or costuming. Don't care about gaming. Don't care about alternative life-styles and particularly don't care to mix it up with my S.F.

Give me written stories. When there's a con that's all about written stories, then I'll go.

For those who do enjoy it, you don't need my permission. Just ain't for me. Have fun. I'll see you in a week.
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