King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Yet another dream

Walking along a gravel driveway by the farmhouse above my property (my real property doesn't share a driveway with anyone else, so this is a totally fictional dram place). Kind of poking around in an empty run down shed when my neighbor walks up and startles me. We chit chat, but I am feeling guilty for being on his property (dunno why...) so I shortly head down the driveway and pass his truck. I bump the truck, which didn't have its brake set, and it rolls down the hill, across the highway, through a fence (that part was very very vivid), and into a pond. I vaguely remember the pond from other dreams. It has some netting through a portion of it and one side of the netting is full of rotting leaves. As the truck was rolling I was afraid it was going to hit a car on the highway, but none seemed to be driving by at that moment.


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