King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Needles (no pins)

I am afraid of needles. Can't watch needle scenes in movies. Didn't get any kind of shots for years. Have three big fears. Spiders. Needles. Women.

So I went in to the doctor this morning to find out what's up with the abdominal pain. No clue, so he ordered some lab tests done.

I couldn't watch the lab technician stick the needle into my arm, but I was able to actually look at the needle sticking out of my arm. Was interesting watching the blood bubble into the three little vials that she popped onto the syringe. Blood doesn't bother me. But I've never really looked at it that closely either. Never had blood drawn. So this was new. Didn't think it would come out that fast. But while looking at the needle sticking out of my arm I was strangely detached. Still a little tense, much like I am before take-off on an airplane.

I am not over the fear by any stretch. But it appears to be much weaker than it used to be. Between that and the recent lessening of my fear of women, perhaps I am making some progress. May still hold off on confronting any spiders though.

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