King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

My draft will

I decided I needed a new will, since my old one was set up to pay for the college expenses for my siblings until they turned age 25 and they are all older than 25 now.

I need to find a cheap lawyer to vet it, and two people not designated in the will to sign it.

I may change things around a bit too. I'm still thinking about it.

  1. I, Philip Weiss, being of sound mind, designate this document as my will, revoking any and all previous wills and codicils.
  2. I designate Jason Sloane to be the executor of my estate.
  3. At my death, all harvestable organs should be donated to the appropriate organ donation agencies. If possible, my body should be donated to an organization engaged in scientific research. If not, bury it or cremate it as cheaply as possible. In particular, the use of a funeral home should be as limited as possible.
  4. $25,000 (2007 dollars) shall be set aside for funerals, memorials, wakes, or other parties as determined by the executor. The executor shall attempt to direct these funds toward events which are in his judgment baudy, fun, or enjoyable rather than solemn, sad, or dreary.
  5. The funds in my IRA shall be placed in trust for the benefit of Victor Matthew Weiss, my nephew, until he reaches age 25. Prior to age 25 the trustee shall disburse funds to pay for Victor's post-secondary educational expenses. Such payments may only be made for tuition, books or other course-related expenses at an accredited academic, technical or vocational school. Rent may be paid for provided Victor lives in on-campus housing, and food provided that it is through school food service plans. The executor shall name the trustee. Any funds remaining after the school term during which Victor turns 25 shall be given to Community for Youth, a Seattle charity, and the trust terminated.
  6. All personal items, including but not limited to my books, shall be distributed at the executor's direction.
  7. [Name redacted] shall receive my car.
  8. Community for Youth, a Seattle non-profit, shall receive $50,000 (2007 dollars). This amount shall be adjusted for inflation.
  9. $50,000 (2007 dollars) shall be donated to a charity for use in relief of refugees from civil or international war. If the Darfur civil war has not ended, the charity shall be the International Crisis Group. Otherwise the executor shall determine the charity. The amount shall be adjusted for inflation.
  10. The remaining funds shall be divided equally between my sister Elaine Brye, my brother Joseph Bender, and my friends Jason Sloane, [Name redacted], [Name redacted], [Name redacted], [Name redacted], [Name redacted], [Name redacted], [Name redacted], and [Name redacted].

I redacted the names of all but my family and Jason. If you want to know if that's your name under there, I'll tell you. I just didn't want to broadcast to everyone else that you stand to come into some money if I get offed.

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