King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Pictures of you

Jason's has been going through old pictures the last week or so, clearing out the old, making room for the new. Some of them bring him pain, and so he is pruning.

I'm different than Jason in that. No matter how painful, I will keep my old letters and pictures and other reminders. I have a shitty memory and without external mnemonics I will completely forget things. I feel incomplete if I have that hole. These are the things that make me who I am, good and bad. I think my gut tells me that I will lose part of who I am if I forget these things. And so I keep the memories.

Jason was asking my advice on what to do with the photos before he started on this. I told him the gist of the paragraph above, but that makes me a bad person to ask. For some folks, it prevents them from moving on. In Jason's case, if nothing else, he couldn't use his shop for 7 years because of the stuff in it. And so pruning was necessary. And that makes me a bad person to ask because I would keep all the memories. Not the furniture, for sure, but definitely the photos.

It's also been somewhat painful for me to watch this. It brings out the protective friend in me. I want to yell at her, Do you see what you have done? It's one case where I don't think it was right for someone to be able to start out fresh.


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