King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

Links to versions of Beyond Good and Evil

Here are some links to various editions at I get a cut if you buy through this link. I promise to spend the money on something entirely inappropriate.

  • Digiread edition of Beyond Good and Evil Digiread edition (≅ $6.95)
  • Filiquarian edition of Beyond Good and Evil Filiquarian edition (≅ $6.99)
  • Penguin edition of Beyond Good and Evil Penguin edition (≅ $9.60) (I'll have one extra copy of this one available next week.)
  • Vintage Edition of Beyond Good and Evil Vintage edition (≅ $10.36)

Here are some links to free versions on the internet.

Go forth and read.

Edited to add: So other folks can post items regarding Harmful Books, I created harmful_books at burgunder's suggestion. Join up over there. add friend

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