King Rat (gkr) wrote,
King Rat

The *fucking* Secret

About a month ago Oprah featured The Secret on her show. It's a book and/or DVD that purports to reveal the secret to success. Hard work, drive, smarts, winning personality? No. New Age bullshit Law of Attraction. In other words, the thoughts you have have a specific frequency. Events and things in the world have frequencies too. And magically, the frequencies of your thoughts resonate with the frequencies of events and attract them to you. So if you think about winning the lottery all the time. I mean really think about it, you will win the lottery. But if you slip up, you'll be thinking negative things, and you'll get hit by a car, cause that's a negative thing.

Now, there's something to be said for having a positive attitude, and about thinking about the things you want, if that gets you to plan and execute to get the things you want.

Beyond that, it's utter fucking bullshit. Hell, most science these days actually casts doubt on the existence of real free will.

I can't believe that this sort of pseudo-scientific bullshit passes these days. People are stupid enough to believe it. Do you believe it? Then you are stupid!

Why am I ranting about it? Cause the program director for Community for Youth played the DVD for a bunch of high school students tonight. Perhaps next week we'll be telling them about intelligent design.

Tags: community for youth, mentoring, skepticism, stupid

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