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My boss is gone on vacation this week. Prior to leaving, he bumped up my hours (and everyone in the department) to cover his work. So I came in on Monday, which I normally don't work. And they had me scheduled to work receiving Tuesday as well.

But a funny thing happened. We got something like 25% of our delivery on Monday, so I went home after only 3 hours.

Yesterday I worked a full day though, because I shelved first, and then worked on the delivery that came Monday evening for some reason. Still, there's no scheduled delivery today, so although I am scheduled for a full day, it's likely I will come home early.

Next week will be funny though. I'll be doing newsstand Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I was supposed to have off. Thursday was to be back to shelving. But while my boss is gone, the assistant store manager/person in charge of the schedule stole me away for the Customer Relations Manager for Wednesday and that Thursday. I get to dress up in a suit and sell books at an interior design thing in Sodo.

I will actually get close to 40 hours next week.

This better be a one time deal. I don't really want to be working that many hours.

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